The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission requires a Dangerous Goods Pre-Notification Form to be completed by all vehicles transporting dangerous goods or hazardous materials on the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge for which dangerous goods or hazardous materials placards must be displayed.

If an Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAP) is required for the goods, a copy must be submitted at the time the “Dangerous Goods Pre-Notification Form" is submitted.

The Niagara Falls Bridge Commission reserves the right to prohibit the crossing of certain dangerous goods or hazardous materials. Including but not limited to:
a. Dangerous goods that are prohibited to move by road.
b. Class 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 explosives.
c. Class 7 Radioactive Materials, unless specifically permitted. For example, radioactive isotopes that are used in any scientific, medical, agricultural, commercial or industrial purpose that are packaged, marked and labeled as required by CFR49.
d. Weapons of war employing radioactive materials.

A vehicle that has been granted permission to cross displaying placards shall not cross unless the vehicle, it’s cargo, and it’s driver comply with the CFR49, The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations of Canada, and the laws of the province of Ontario and the State of New York with respect to the packaging, marking, labeling, documentation and training requirements.


Please submit all Dangerous Goods Pre-Notification forms no later than one (1) hour prior to anticipated crossing.


Submit your completed form to the Operations Centre by
FAX: 1-905-353-6698 or 1-716-205-0698
EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Click here for our Dangerous Goods Pre-Notification Form